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Friendship ended with Open Sans, Source Sans Pro is now my new friend.

I got permanently banned from 4ch and I can't evade because restarting my router changes my Wi-Fi password.
I'm bored now.

I've entered full /I don't give a shit/ mode, I let myself be carried away by time hoping that things will just work; I don't do anything productive anymore and I don't care, I don't even want to read a book or do my homework.
I might add content or redesign this site if I ever get a little bit of motivation.

I've done building my PC, Windows 10 doesn't seem to suck that much, I miss a lot of softwares and utilities from GNU/Linux tho.

Underfoule died and I didn't even notice, It is incredible to think that it is possible to spend months or even years on a forum and forget its existence suddenly.

Today I didn't do anything productive, I sat in front of my PC for the whole day, I know this is unhealthy but there's nothing I could do, going outside is forbidden and even if I had to opportunity to go outside I'd get bored because the town I live in sucks.
I got accepted at tilde.club and there's a cool blogging feature that I might want to try out.
Tomorrow the PC case that I've ordered is coming so I'll finally start building it, this will keep me occupied for a while; for now I don't know which OS I'm going to put on it, I might try going back to Winbloat 10 and if it still sucks I'll go back to good old Debian.

Tried accessing Neocities from my Windows 95 VM because I was bored, it did not work.

Hi, neocities ?
This is my first time writting a blog entry so I'll try my best. Recently things have been bad, in many ways,
Firstly, school is getting really shitty; the government has set the alternation of a week at home and a week in face-to-face for students, when I am at home I really have trouble having the motivation to work, I have always bet 90% of my learning through lessons with teachers. moreover, there is an obvious tension in the air, and it is something totally normal, we are fed up and ashamed of the way our government is handling this epidemic.
But corona-chan is not my priority, for some time now, I feel a little unhappy; until now I didn't care if I didn't have many friends but now it's really starting to weigh on me, the problem of living in a village as small as where I live is that everyone knows me and identifies me as this girl who stays all alone all the time. It's hard to go see the others, and then I really don't want to.